Who We Are

EPA-Certified Refrigerant Reclaimers

Advanced Refrigerant Technologies, LLC (A.R.T.) offers cost effective solutions to the refrigerant management challenges.  As government regulations and environmental concerns have changed the way refrigerants are handled and used, Advanced Refrigerant Technologies has responded with services designed to minimize downtime and labor costs and to ensure continued operation of your equipment.

Advanced Refrigerant Technologies provides a full range of services including supplying refrigerants, analytical testing and reclamation of used refrigerants.  All work is performed in strict compliance with EPA regulations and all local, state and federal laws.

Advanced Refrigerant Technologies, LLC has been involved in the “recovery, recycling, and reclamation of refrigerants since the enactment of the Clean Air Act.  Our goal has been to meet the needs and to preserve the assets of the industry’s refrigerants.  We are proud to be leaders in the development and use of specialized equipment for recovery and reclamation on all types or refrigerants.  We have an extensive inventory of equipment and both EPA and TWIC certified, trained, and experienced technicians to handle any job.  Our facility is capable of reclaiming thousands of pounds of refrigerants on a daily basis.


We understand that our customers rely on us to keep valuable systems operating. For that reason, we have made quality service, rapid delivery and competitive pricing our trademarks. Let Advanced Refrigerant Technologies develop a refrigerant management program that is right for you.

What We Offer

  • On site Recovery or Reclamation Services
  • On site Removal of Moisture from Refrigerants without Process Down Time
  • Purchase of Used or Contaminated Refrigerants
  • Refrigerant Exchange Program
  • Refrigerant Sales
  • Recovery Cylinder Rentals
  • and more..

Why Choose Us

  • A.R.T. is a Financially Stable, Profitable, and Professional Company
  • A.R.T. is EPA approved (View EPA-Certified Refrigerant Reclaimers List)
  • A.R.T. has a Lab Analysis Performed on all Processes by an Independent Lab to Assure Quality Products
  • A.R.T. has Complete Repackaging Capabilties
  • A.R.T. is Fully Insured
  • A.R.T. has a Completely Trained, Certified, and Experienced Staff
  • A.R.T, has Very Reliable, Modern Equipment for Handling and Processing
  • A.R.T. keeps Records of all Dispositions of Waste By-Products
  • A.R.T.’s Employees have been Safety Council Trained

Our Services

High-Speed Reclamation
On-Site Recovery & Reclamation
Refrigerant Analysis
Buy & Resell
Storage Solutions